Registration Form


To participate in the parade, everyone and everything must register (only one registration per unit is needed). Thank you!!!

Volunteers please scroll to the bottom of this page for information on how to sign up to help!

2019 Parade application (pdf)


The Details

Parade Participant Categories

  Business Float: Float on float bed brought in by a business. $50 minimum entry  

Nonprofit Float: Fully completed float on float bed brought in by a nonprofit organization.  

Community Member Float: Fully completed float on float bed brought in by a community member/ community organization. 

Pedestrian Unit: (Walking promotion, Dance Troup, Horse, etc.): Units promoting an organization, business, or social group. Business entry fee minimum of $50. Others free.

Mobile Unit: Units with wheels;  bicycles, cars, etc... Business entry fee min of $50. Others free. 

Marching Bands: Any organized marching group that plays instruments for entertainment purposes. No fee.   

Sponsored Floats- see Sponsor the Parade

Application Deadline

 Applications must be received NO EARLER than October 1, 2019 and APPLICATIONS ARE STILL BEING ACCEPTED.  Variety of floats  and entries will be chosen, with priority given to the order in which applications are received beginning at 8 am on Oct 1, 2019.

To ensure quality and appropriate content for this kid friendly event, O'Fallon Holiday Parade Organizers reserve the right to limit or deny participants. 

ALL  APPLICATIONS MUST BE APPROVED. Once your application is approved, you will be emailed a packet of information for your next steps and important information and specific contacts. 

  Return Application In Person or Mail to: 





O'FALLON, IL 62269


 and call to arrange payment drop off.

 If you have any questions about this application or about participant regulations, contact PARADE CHAIRPERSON 

Beth Ortega at 618-616-3241. 


Applications will be accepted in person during the hours of 9 a.m.- NOON & 1 pm until 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Refund Policy

No fees will be refunded for cancellations. Severe weather may cause the parade to be rescheduled for the weekend following the event. A second severe weather day would cause the event to be cancelled by the City of O'Fallon due to unforeseen circumstances. No refunds will be made. 


  • In the case of rain, all participants are responsible for covering their unit and/or products. Please wear appropriate clothing in case of inclement weather.
  • If there is inclement weather (i.e. snow, freezing rain, thunderstorms, heavy rain), the parade coordinator will make the decision to cancel or delay the parade the day before or day of.
  • Participants SHOULD NOT leave the event area BEFORE the parade coordinator announces the suspension or cancellation of the event.
  • This parade is held unless weather is severe. NO REFUND OF EVENT FEES WILL BE RETURNED TO THE PARTICIPANT. 

The FUN Guide

This event is an opportunity for the community, businesses, families and friends to come together and create memories, in attendance and in organizing and building your parade unit. Crabby, complaining, controlling, stressful or overall Grinchy people need not apply.

This is an ILLUMINATED Holiday parade. Participants should have a minimum of 50% of their unit lighted. If you have employees, guests, etc walking with the float/ car/ parade/ unit in any way, they need to have some type of lighting on their person. This is not just for FUN, but also for their safety. Floats must provide their own generator/ power source. 

Battery operated lights can be found at local stores and online at Amazon or other locations.

Please be creative and fun with your entry! Kids and Adults alike are excited for this imaginative and bright parade. We encourage the silly, the fun, and things good in the spirit of the holidays!! Enjoy your positive interactions with the people around you, in the parade and watching the parade, and of course be respectful and extra kind to the volunteers. 

Need some fun ideas for your group?

How about a snow shovel brigade?

A lighted roller coaster group? 

Reindeer dogs and their elves?

Kids groups can dress themselves as walking ornaments or gifts.. snowflakes and snowmen. Just be sure to keep everyone with lights in some manner. (Dance troupe, cheerleaders, other coordinated groups may use glow in the dark necklaces or a spotlight on them as to not cause danger with light strings. 

Many ideas can be found on Pinterest and other sites.

City Hall will be hoping to light their Christmas lights when the band passes by. This may cause a slight pause in the parade. Otherwise, we will keep things moving at an appropriate safe pace.

Music for your group/ float is allowed and encouraged, but please specify so we can try to keep the musical units separated. 

The Less Fun Rules

Please respect and abide by the parade rules to keep everyone safe.

  • All entries will be assigned a line-up      number and receive further instructions, regulations, and information about the parade upon approval of their application. 
  • All participants must follow all applicable rules and regulations. The parade coordinator and the City of O’Fallon reserve the right to remove any participant from the parade either prior to assembly, while assembling, or any time during the parade.
  • NO materials (i.e. candy or other giveaways) may be THROWN from the parade route or from float. Walkers may hand or drop items along the road edge.
  • City of O’Fallon will secure contacting Santa Claus for arrival on his special float at the parade. NO imposters are allowed to participate. Please keep your participants/ vehicles/ and floats Santa free. 
  • Drivers of any and all vehicles in the      parade areas must possess a valid driver’s license, and possess full    liability vehicle insurance. A copy must be provided the day of the event to the parade official at check in. Drivers will be given a wrist band and a vehicle number once this is provided. Only the verified driver wearing the wrist band will be allowed to drive vehicles in the parade. 
  • All animals must be on some type of      restraint and vaccinated.
  • ALL UNITS MUST BE LIGHTED! 50% of the unit vehicle, float, or persons at minimum must be lighted to meet the      requirement. No we aren’t going to measure exactly, please be creative! 
  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are forbidden by any unit or participant. Violations will result in removal from the parade. No exceptions. 

More of the Less Fun Rules

  • No spectator, participant, or volunteer may  jump on or off a float in motion or during the parade at any time, or interfere  with a unit in any way. The float capacity may not be exceeded.      Participants will not have body parts, particularly legs and feet, extending past the sides, front, or rear of the float. This is a safety hazard. Floats will allow and not interfere with parade guides stationed at each wheel of the float. FOUR assigned volunteer guides must be walking with each float, wearing reflective vests. This is REQUIRED by law. You may not refill candy or promotional items from the float or vehicle pulling the float. Please use alternative method for carrying supplies (pull a small wagon, etc). 
  • Each unit MUST complete the full parade route. If your unit is having trouble of any sort, please call your assigned parade coordinator. 
  • No POLITICAL CAMPAIGNING allowed. No exceptions. 
  • VEHICLES, FLOATS, VEHICLES TOWING THE FLOATS, and all participants in any units are NOT permitted to have any controversial      or questionable content on themselves or any vehicle. This includes but is      not limited to bumper stickers, personal attire, written language or any      images that could be considered offensive or inappropriate for a kid      friendly event. This is at the sole decision of the parade chairman and      City of O’Fallon.