2019 Holiday Parade Route


Parade Route:

Parade steps off at Parkview and 7th

Proceeds to S Lincoln Ave where units turn right

Proceeds up Lincoln (towards the North) 

Right on State St

Turn at Bike Surgeon and head to Santa's FREE post parade Party at Bike Surgeon and O'Fallon Station! 

Parade Steps off at 6 pm sharp

Please visit and shop at the downtown stores on parade day!!!


There will be public parking in the lots at City Hall and other businesses. Off street parking is allowed everywhere other than the parade route. 

Dress for the Weather!

This parade has been warm, cold, windy, rainy, and everything in between. Please keep an eye on the forecast so you can dress comfortably for this evening event!

Parade is only rescheduled or cancelled due to severe weather.

About Us


Everyone loves a parade!

We hope everyone can enjoy this special event! Please be kind to your neighbors, make some new friends, and do your best to be sure all the kids around you can get to see the magic! No need to push or shove or be rude, there's room for everyone on the nice list (and on the parade route)! The earlier streets of the route tend to have plenty of space for comfortable viewing. 


It's a night parade! Be the light!

To get to and from your seating area, please plan ahead and bring a flashlight. LEt's light the path for an amazing event by providing a light and being the light! Shine brightly for your fellow man and don't be shy tonight! 

Make a friend, give a hug, make this a Holiday Season to remember. 


Enjoy the FREE events

Santa will arrive at Bike Surgeon after the parade. He will be available for pictures and will have an ornament gift for each of the kids. Olaf and Else will join us in the O'Fallon Station Building for crafts and treats (again, all free). Please be patient, enjoy the time, and help one another make this an evening to remember for all the right reasons. Remember to be kind- Santa is watching!